What is Crypto Lottery Coin (CROLO)?

Lottery- Such a simple concept to say the least. Have you looked at your local lottery lately? Has it been in the millions or perhaps billions? It's time to take lottery to the crypto verse. Where the winner gets 99% of the proceeds. No frills, no hoops, no BS. Just Crypto Lottery...and... you can remain anonymous.

The aim of CROLO (Crypto Lottery Coin) is to create a rewards system for both investors and hodlers. CROLO will generate revenue through percentages of lotteries and sales of the token. The idea here is to generate a platform to not only create a lottery system like your local one; but to create a platform that has multiple lottery/raffle style games that can be accessed through a DAPP.

While the concept of lottery is not innovative, CRYPTO, forever will be. Crypto Lottery Coin aims to be a user-friendly coin that creates pools of lottery based off the crypto you have. You don’t need to go somewhere to pick your digits. CROLO will allow you to select your tickets with the click of a couple buttons. Anytime, on your time!

Global Coverage


Big Partnerships


Benefits for Everyone

Crypto is an absolute benefit to payment systems globally. Surely, we all understand the perks of owning it. The decentralized nature will secure the lottery platform and will also record transactions. Using the lottery dapp, one will not have to worry much about reliability or security. As those are innate features of crypto which will automatically transfer to our platform.

We don’t want to be another rug pull. We want to build a network of partnerships to grow the community. By creating partnerships with people or organizations we can grow rapidly.

Using either the computer, cell, or tablet one will have easy access to the lottery platform. We want to make the process as user-friendly as possible. However, we also want to let you know that we are currently working on a separate lottery platform that will be integrated in the future. More to come soon…



A decentralized Lottery powered by cryptocurrency


With the way things have been going with new coins, we want to stand out from the crowd. We have many channels available to contact us and we keep all information on the project updated.

Decentralized Platform

Say no more. This is crypto. This is a cryptocurrency. The DAPP will be very useful for anonymity.


Through open communication and transparency we hope to build a network of trusted hodlers, employees, and investors.

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