The Easiest Cryptocurrency to Manage

Why is that? Well, you don't have to manage anything. All lotteries are pre-coded to automatically payout when they are over. You really don't have to do a whole lot.

Basically, you will just put the lotteries you want to join in your cart. You can pay through different wallet types. Done.

From your account page, you can see different aspects such as which lotteries you are a part of, if you have won any of the lotteries, and the best part, IT PAYS DIRECTLY TO YOUR WALLET IF YOU ARE THE WINNER. If no winner, the lottery jackpot will continue to increase until someone wins (currently in development).

The current setup allows for a winner on every Lottery!

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CROLO Features

Here are the main features of Crypto Lottery Coin

Crolo Tax

11% Buy Tax
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Marketing/Development Wallet

1% of all transactions will go to the Dev and Marketing Wallets
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Rewards To Hodlers

8% of every transaction distributes to the the hodlers wallet as reflections/rewards.
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Token Burn

1% of every transaction will be burned. The burn feature is not automatic. In the future this will change and there will not be a need for a burn.
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LP (Liquidity Pool)

1% of every transaction will automatically go to the LP pool on Pancake Swap.
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Privacy Protection

With the use of crypto and the future DAPP, security will be a thing of past.
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